Project Description

Assembly of a wind turbine

Wind turbine tensioners M48 model CTP-W used for the assembly of wind turbines.
Wind Turbine Tensioners






Wind turbine tensioners


Wind turbine tensioners M48 model CTP-W used for the assembly of wind turbines.
The complete supply for the assembly of the wind turbines included the M48 and M64 tensioners and the PP1500 10 G pneumohydraulic unit.
The wind tensioners have been used during the various assembly phases of the wind turbine and typically find their use for tensioning the foundation tie rods, the tower itself and the generator components.
Wind Turbine – Bolting Areas:
Rear Main Bearing Bolts
Main Shaft to Hub Bolts
Blade to Bearing Bolts
Front Main Bearing Bolts
Nacelle Yaw Bearing Bolts
Nacelle Frame Bolts
Tower Bolting
Foundation Bolting
FPT FLuid Power Technology has available a complete range of two stage tensioners specifically designed for the wind sector for both assembly and maintenance operations of wind turbines. The W series FPT tensioners are extremely compact capable of developing very high forces, conceived and designed for turbine installation and subsequent maintenance. They have a compact structure, equipped with a spring return piston and a nut screwing / unscrewing device and a bush on the tie rod by means of a ratchet wrench.
FPT is also specialized in the study and production of custom equipment made to customer specifications following the client from the study of geometries, to the 3D project up to production, 3D solid modelers and F.E.M. are the tools used for the definition of the geometry and the choice of the most suitable material and heat treatment for each construction detail so as to optimize the performance and economic aspects compatible with the production requirements. Thanks to the F.E.A. in fact we can predict the mechanical behavior under operating conditions of each component.
Thanks to 3D CAD we can also virtually assemble our products and examine their operation in a virtual way. In fact, special hydraulic bolt tensioners, special hydraulic nuts and special control units are produced, always following the customer’s needs. Click to see our Hydraulic bolt tensioners for wind turbine