Project Description

Synchronous lifting systems with multiple hydraulic cylinders

Lifting and maintenance of bridges and viaducts
Sistemi di sollevamento sincrono

Synchronous lifting systems with multiple hydraulic cylinders





Synchronous lifting system of FPT was used to lift a bridge with a precision of 1 mm both during the lifting and lowering phases.
In the field of road infrastructure and building works it is necessary to carry out ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of roads, highways, bridges, viaducts, railways, undergrounds, and it is therefore necessary to carry on lifting operations.
FPT specializes in the production of hydraulic equipment capable of lifting decks, including large ones, of bridges and viaducts, to restore damaged structural elements, replace supporting devices, install retainers and seismic isolators.

FPT – Fluid Power Technology is a manufacturer of lifting jacks, hydraulic power units and synchronous lifting systems with integrated PLC control. The FPT Synchronous system allows the operator to proceed with each step of lifting and lowering synchronously through an integrated management of hydraulic components and control elements. Unbalanced and unbalanced loads are kept level during the ascent and descent phases, with an accuracy of 1 mm. The system has been designed to make it adaptable to all customer lifting requests and can also be completely customized with a series of options.

This is the ideal system for structural restoration operations, seismic adaptation of structures and buildings, consolidations, bridge lifts and structures, replacement of supports, joints and anti-seismic devices, restoration of slabs and concrete. The FPT synchronous lifting system can be used with single and double acting cylinders with spring return, under load, oil or with safety ring.

FPT also provides technical training on the machine both at its own factory where it is possible to test the synchronous control unit under a load to simulate its dynamic behaviour, both at the customer’s site or on site. Download the product data sheet.