FPT synchronous lifting system to lift and rotate 1200 tons of viaduct

synchronous lifting system


FPT synchronous lifting system to lift and rotate 1200 tons of viaduct






FPT synchronous lifting system was used to carry on maintenance work on the Ema viaduct which is part of the A1 – Firenze motorway in Italy.

The structure made of reinforced concrete of important dimensions, with a length of 70 meters and an imposing weight of 1200 tons, was first raised by 610 mm and subsequently rotated with respect to the longitudinal axis by 2°90’, passing from a height of 605 mm to 1105 mm. The handling, extremely delicate and with millimeter tolerance, was performed in record time and with absolute precision thanks to the FPT synchronous lifting system which, through the computerized management and the particular hydraulic circuit, allowed lifting and rotation in complete safety, making it simple that without the use of this machine it would have been an extremely complex operation.

FPT is the manufacturer of synchronous lifting systems, with integrated PLC control. The FPT synchronous system allows the operator to proceed with each lifting and lowering step in a synchronous and on totally automatic way, through an integrated management of the hydraulic components and control elements. Unbalanced loads are kept level during the lifting and the lowering phases, with an accuracy of 1 mm.
The machine used for this maintenance works is equipped with the following options:
– Rotation
– Centre of gravity COG

In addition to the standard functions:
– Siemens PLC
– 1 mm precision both in lifting and lowering – operations performed in a totally automatic way
– Data Logger – Black Box – Remote Access
– Possibility of using different cylinders – with different strokes and tonnages – at the same time
– Possibility to set a maximum pressure level for each cylinder

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