Project Description

Synchronous lifting system on nuclear power plants

To lift the safety filter using the FPT system.
Synchronous lifting system FPT

Synchronous lifting system to lifting and lower safety filters in nuclear power plants




Power generation

The FPT customer is an international company operating worldwide in highly regulated and sensitive industrial sites, involved in the main nuclear projects in the world, operating in one of the most demanding sectors with safety and quality standards at the top of their priorities and using our Synchronous lifting system.

The work commissioned to FPT – Fluid power Technology consists in the project of lifting a filter with a weight of 90 tons and 7 meters in diameter, containing sand and other inert material, mounted in nuclear power plants to filter the radioactive gases coming from the reactor in the event of an explosion of the same , before being released into the atmosphere. The filter, which is located outside near the reactor, is normally supported by a steel structure; with the introduction of new anti-seismic regulations, it has become necessary to interpose between the filter base and the steel structure on which the anti-seismic dissipators rest, so that even an exceptional seismic event cannot damage such an important element.
The complexity of the operation is determined by the degree of accuracy and precision during the lifting and by the delicacy of the component to be lifted. Furthermore, the filter had to be lifted by applying a specific load to each support point, thus having to redistribute the loads with respect to the initial values.

The FPT SYNCHRO synchronous lifting system is the machine chosen to carry out the load lifting and distribution work, together with the CSE GS lifting cylinders with locking collar. The machine is able to manage unbalanced loads which are kept levelled during the lifting and the lowering phases, with a levelling precision of 1 mm.
The lifting operations are carried out within all the nuclear power plants involved in the project. Download the data sheet