Synchronised lifting operations in Morocco

Synchronous Lifting Hydraulic Pump and heavy lifting hydraulic cylinders with lock nut.
sistema di sollevamento sincrono


Synchronous Lifting Hydraulic Pump and heavy lifting hydraulic cylinders





Synchronised lifting operations for FPT Fluid Power Technology Heavy Lifting Technology and Snor Morocco road works.

The Moroccan National Highways Company has launched, within the framework of a call for tenders, a market for the widening of the Casablanca – Berrechid Highways from 2*2 lanes to 2*3 lanes. This operation required the restoration of the templates under the overpasses on the widened section. In order to carry out these operations without causing structural damage to the structures concerned, the client decided to carry on synchronised lifting operations of its structures to heights of more than 50 cm. ADM therefore trusted SNOR Morocco, a company specializing in this type of work, to carry out these complicated operations on more than 114 overpasses.

FPT Fluid Power Technology has combined high pressure hydraulics and PLC controls to manufacture and deliver an intelligent and innovative machine: Synchronous Lifting Hydraulic Pump to control and monitor each lifting point. Through an integrated Human Machine Interface (HMI), all movements and operations are managed from the operator using a PC that displays all operation in real time. The Synchronous Lifting system used is 12 points and the hydraulic cylinders have a capacity of 250 ton with 45 mm stroke. All hydraulic jacks are high pressure lock nut hydraulic cylinders able to provide mechanical load holding for extended periods of time and guarantee the max safety during operations.

The accuracy is 1 mm between all lifting points and is kept automatically during lifting and lowering operations.

All operation has been carry on with great result on the desired time frame.

Click here for the technical data sheet of the synchronized lifting system FPT.