Pressure multiplier booster for the testing of heat exchangers

Up to 1000 bar to conduct tests

Pressure multiplier booster




Oil & Gas

FPT – Fluid Power Technology – designed and produced air – water pressure multiplier booster code PP-1000-HF-W-SPC for testing heat exchangers and pressure vessels.

Many companies producing large heat exchangers for the oil & gas and hydrocracking reactors need to carry out stringent testing before they can validate and deliver their product. To perform these tests, is needed to use fresh water for safety reasons and to avoid contamination of the product.

The FPT PP-1000-HF-W-SPC control unit is built to be connected to the water network (in fact, it is tank-free) and through two large pumps it can provide a very high flow rate at high pressures; In fact, due to the high multiplication ratio of 225: 1, the maximum reachable pressure is 1000 bar.

The multiplier is mounted on a trolley with wheels for maximum flexibility within the production area. FPT is able to design and produce HPU pumps with different pressure multipliers based on individual customer needs. With pressures and flow rates suitable for the purpose of the project both for tests on heat exchangers and for testing on valves or other equipment.