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Pile Load Testing: Hydraulic jack and pumps

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Pile Load Testing Hydraulic jack

Pile Load Testing Hydraulic jack and pumps






A wide variety of pile load testing procedures exist to determine the suitability of pile and one of them is the Static Load Tests that measure the response of a pile under an applied load and are the most accurate method for determining pile capacities. The purpose of such tests is to verify that the load capacity in the constructed pile is greater than the nominal resistance (Compression, Tension, Lateral, etc.) used in the design. The static pile load test gives the most accurate indication of the capacity of the in-place pile. It is performed using a reaction method. The test procedure involves applying an axial load to the top of the test pile with one or more hydraulic jacks. Various forms of instrumentation are installed into the test and anchor piles so that an accurate measurement of the test pile displacement can be obtained.
To perform the test is needed to have the correct equipment, FPT – Fluid Power Technology manufacture and provide the hydraulic equipment necessary to carry on the tests:
Hydraulic jacks normally are used double acting type and the tonnage depend on the force that is needed to be applied – they can be 100 ton – 200 ton – 400 ton … up to reach the desired tonnage.

Hydraulic pump with automatic restore of the pressure level – FPT hydraulic pumps series GEO is specifically studied for pile test and fulfil perfectly to this task, guarantee the maintenance of the load set. With the practical microprocessor display it is possible to set the desired pressure. The pump will maintain this value, restoring it in case of leaks or yielding. This hydraulic pump can also be equipped with DATA LOGGER that allow the operator to download the data of the testing operations and store them.
Part of the system are also all flexible hoses, valves, and additional connection.