Custom made hydraulic bolt tensioners M90x6 and electric pump for tightening large butterfly valves

FPT equipment for the hydroelectric power sector – Hydropower
Custom made hydraulic bolt tensioners

Hydraulic bolt tensioners – custom made




Power generation

Valves for hydraulic power projects are installed for safety, maintenance and shutdown, as well as for flow and pressure regulation.

New large new installations are growing rapidly all over the world to exploit the potential of hydroelectric energy by building new hydroelectric plants. Particularly in regions where energy demand will increase dramatically in the coming years, such as in Asia, South America and Africa.

FPT – Fluid Power Technology has supplied its own hydraulic bolting systems which have been used for installations in the hydropower sector, a source of clean and renewable energy for generations to come, in perfect harmony with the solar, wind and other regenerative solutions, for the sake of the environment as a whole.

In particular, for the following project, custom made hydraulic bolt tensioners have been designed and produced, made according to the customer’s specific dimensions and tension requirements. The tensioners are M90x6 thread and have been used to perform the tightening and tensioning operations of the butterfly valve. The hydraulic system consists of hydraulic bolt tensioners, hydraulic pump with electric motor and very high-pressure hoses.

The reference markets increasingly require custom made hydraulic bolt tensioners made to customer specifications in order to be able to operate in the required dimensions and with the characteristics suitable for individual needs. Special tensioners can have compact, multi-stage, spring return threaded insert.

FPT follows the customer from the study of the geometries, to the 3D project up to the production of the required tensioners. FPT also produces all the products that make up the hydraulic circuit, including both electrical and air control units, lever pumps and all the components suitable for operating the system. It carries out technical training courses and on-site training to provide operators with all the tools necessary for the correct and safe use of FPT hydraulic equipment. Download the product data sheet