High tonnage cylinders and split flow pump to handle huge steel construction

Off shore towers for the wind turbines sector
High tonnage cylinders

High tonnage cylinders and split flow pump




Power Generation


FPT – Fluid Power Technology has realised a hydraulic system for a big company active in the manufacturing of large steel constructions primarily for the renewable energy sector. The need is to be able to move and handle the offshore tower during the production process. With the manufacturing of very large and heavy products it is also needed to have the equipment to handle it.

The aim was to realise a hydraulic pump with a very high flow at 700 bar to be able to guarantee fast operations together to a very robust conception to be able to resist on continuative jobs in a tough environment. The pump realised is split flow version with a flow of 1,5 l/min on each outlet.

The hydraulic power unit allow lifting and lowering operations with an unbalanced load, the main feature of the split flow hydraulic pump is the piston pump with independent delivery, ideal for carrying on lifting operations where a high leveling precision of the load is required.

In this case is used with double acting high tonnage cylinders to perform a synchronism during lifting and lowering operation, maintaining an accuracy level of ± 3% on the nominal stroke. The hydraulic pump is equipped with electric valves, counter balance valve – which allows the control of the load during the lowering phase. Such kind of pump is ideal to lift large structure, infrastructural construction, heavy carpentry, huge steel structure and in industry and in all sectors where there is a need to manage high load.

The double acting high tonnage cylinders and the pump are used daily to handle the off shore towers for the wind turbines sector. On other application where is needed an higher precision is required a PC management have been used the fully integrated FPT synchronous lifting system controlled by a PLC.