High pressure hydraulic equipment


High pressure hydraulic equipment






FPT high pressure hydraulic equipment finds an important field of application in the industrial sector. FPT Fluid Power Technology products are particularly suitable for carrying out maintenance or commissioning of systems, machinery and complex structures.

High pressure hydraulic equipment are used for lifting, lowering, translating or moving industrial structures: therefore, the uses of 700 bar hydraulic pumps, with electric drive or connection to the industrial pneumatic system are typical, having the purpose of operating hydraulic cylinders or actuators.

Hydraulic cylinders are available in various types, in numerous tonnages and strokes, with a vast possibility of choice depending on the activity to be carried out. If the operations to be carried out are short and of small size, it is also possible to use other systems other than hydraulic pumps such as hand pumps or battery power units.

More and more customers need a technologically advanced hydraulic system to carry out pressure testing or smart operations. For this specific sector, FPT creates hydraulic pump unit suitable for operation with water or biodegradable fluids capable of carrying out pressure tests, recording data and being controlled remotely. Equipped with a PLC with dedicated FPT software, they represent the ideal tool for all product testing and validation activities and are completely customizable according to specific customer needs. Special products are developed with the mechanical and hydraulic part integrated with PLC and dedicated software for the creation of smart equipment capable not only of carrying out a job but also of carrying out cycles, pre-set programs and having safety and control parameters during operations. operations. Thus, providing an intelligent machine capable of integrating with the company software and creating a constant exchange of data with the company ERP system.