A complex of tunnels to pass through Prague

Double acting cylinders with lock nut to hold the formwork
cilindri a doppio effetto con ghiera di sicurezza








As part of the project called “Package of structures of the City Circle Road Myslbekova – Pelc Tyrolka section” in the city of Prague in the Czech Republic, were made a series of tunnels with the aid of formwork for in-situ casting of coatings with articulated structure for the support of the concrete.
At the base of the transport wagon and disarming self-propelled have been used FPT hydraulic cylinder to raise and lower the metal structure .

FPT has supplied 16 cylinders model CRI- GS double-acting lock nut , 100 tons , 100 mm stroke , at a pressure of 700 bar .
The cylinders FPT were employed for the lifting of the formwork , the use of double-acting FPT cylinders allowed to speed up the operations of lowering ensuring the prefect control of movements of the structure. The CRI- GS cylinders double-acting lock nut are the ideal technical solution when it is needed to drive the piston to the end stoke without having the load placed on top of the cylinder , the hydraulic control of the return of the piston speeds up the operation and allows at any time the control of movement of the device.