4000 bar – 58000 psi hydraulic hand pumps

PMS Series

4000 bar – 58000 psi hydraulic hand pumps


4000 bar – 58000 psi hydraulic hand pumps your tool for the very high pressure applications.

 Manual pumps for very high pressures, light, compact and easy to carry, made in aluminium

At the maximum pressure of 4000 bar – 58000 psi the manual pumps develop a very low lever effort and the two flow rates with 40 cm3 / pumped in the approach phase allow rapid operations and less operator fatigue.

Robust and functional pumps, typically used for the bearings or couplings installations, bearing mounting and dismounting, test benches, tank and pipe tests.

 Equipped with an internal safety valve set at the maximum working pressure.

Pumps equipped with the hole for mounting the pressure gauge directly on the head and the practical lever locking system for the transport. The anodizing and fire painting treatments complete the product, ensuring high resistance to wear and corrosion even in aggressive environments such as the offshore sector.

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4000 bar – 58000 psi hydraulic hand pumps your tool for the very high pressure applications.

4000 bar – 58000 psi hand pumps – very high pressure hydraulic hand pumps produced in light aluminum alloy of aeronautical derivation to reduce as much as possible the weight. Maximum operating pressure: 4000 bar / 58000 psi – Single stage high speed.

Equipped with an ergonomic bypass hand wheel in techno polymer for controlled pressure relief, with integrated pressure gauge connection that allows direct mounting of the measuring instrument with 45 ° inclination for a correct reading and lever locking system for easy and better portability. Oil filler cap with integrated breather. Sturdy feet with holes for attachment to machinery or structures.

Pressure safety valve integrated in the pump body for maximum operator safety.

Design studied to have high performances maintaining an optimal effort on the lever, a reduced weight and an excellent ergonomics. Robust hand pumps – heavy duty – with long maintenance intervals. Surface treatments to guarantee total reliability in the most difficult environments and maximum durability.

Tank capacity from 1,6 to 2 liters. Possibility of mounting manometric sockets, various types of quick couplings, high pressure flexible hoses. For a more accurate reading, the digital pressure gauge supplied with quick couplers is also available. The hand pump can be calibrated to different pressures upon customer request.

Hydraulic mineral oil operating fluid, models available on request with different fluids such as: water, glycol, glycerin, phosphoric esters. Custom made versions available for extreme operating temperatures. Ability to pump even very viscous liquids, thanks to a particular fluid suction system.

Sectors of use: steel mills, energy, industry, bearings, couplings, infrastructure, engineering and testing, mining, ship building, offshore, oil & gas, transport and heavy lifting.

Possibility to design and produce special 1600 3000 4000 bar hand pumps on request, with flow rates, performance and dedicated features. Available in stainless steel, with special fire painted colors and layouts designed and manufactured to customer specifications.

  • One-speed hand pumps for very high pressure 4000 bar
  • Robust and functional pumps

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PMS-PDS Series Single-speed and two-speed hand pumps for very high pressure up to 4000 bar

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