ATEX certified hydraulic pumps to work in areas at risk of explosion.

Up to 700 bar for hydraulic cylinders, tools and hydraulic torque wrenches

ATEX Hydraulic pumps which must be used in areas at risk of explosion?
When it comes to explosion protection, play it safe and use FPT Fluid Power Technology hydraulic pumps.

An environment is defined as « ATEX » (abbreviation of ATmosphere EXplosive) when in an atmosphere there are flammable substances in the form of gases, liquids and powders that cause a more or less serious risk of explosion, depending on the concentration of the fuel, the risk of explosion it is null if there is no ignition source. The European Union has issued a directive, the ATEX 2014/34 / EU, which applies to commercial products that are intended to be used in an ATEX environment.

The ATEX hydraulic pumps produced by FPT « FPTEX » series are fully compliant with this directive, therefore they can be used in zone 1 and zone 2 explosive atmospheres without any risk. There are many factors that determine how “dangerous” an area is, so it is important to always consult the marking of the product you intend to use. Below is our marking:



CE Compliant with European directives
Marking Ex (ATEX)
II Group II: i.e. suitable for surface use (industries)
2 G
(Zone 1)
Category 2: high protection, for areas with frequent explosive atmosphere.

Atmosphere G: suitable for use with Gaseous fuel.

Ex h Type of protection
IIB Types of gas
T3 Maximum surface temperature (in this case + 200 ° C)
Gb X Protection level (EPL) Gb
X Special safety conditions
Tmax fluid Maximum temperature that can be reached by the equipment (within the T3 range)


These products cover a wide range of applications thanks to the numerous possible configurations, for example it is possible to use 2-pole or 4-pole motors, single or two-stage pumps, valves with manual or electric actuation, manifolds for multiple outputs and much more.

The ATEX hydraulic pumps FPTEX are suitable:
– Lifting operations by operating hydraulic cylinders
– Testing and pressure testing operations
– Hydraulic bolt tightening operations using hydraulic torque wrenches. Click to download the data sheet of the tools.

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