Split flow hydraulic pumps for synchronous lifting – Configurator

Configure your split flow hydraulic pump for synchronous lifting, using the FPT configurator to create the most suitable version for your applications. You can compose your customized model here by choosing the type of pump and motor with the relative flow rate. Different types of tanks up to 60 liters. Select the valve for manual or electric operation, for both single acting and double acting cylinders. A wide range of accessories is also available. Split flow hydraulic pumps.
Split flow hydraulic pumps for synchronous lifting. In lifting applications with multiple points at 2 – 4 – 6 or 8 lifting points the synchronous hydraulic power units for lifts are the ideal solution as they allow lifting with an unbalanced load and ensure that the load is evenly distributed between the lifting points. The main feature of the split flow hydraulic unit is that it has a piston pump with independent delivery, ideal for carrying out lifting operations where a high leveling precision of the load is required.
It can be used with double acting hydraulic cylinders to perform a synchronous lifting and lowering operation, maintaining an accuracy level of ± 3% on the nominal stroke; while with single acting hydraulic cylinders it is possible to obtain a synchronous lifting maintaining an accuracy level of ± 3% on the nominal stroke. The control unit can be equipped with manual valves or electric valves and relative push button panel and counter balance valve – which allows the control of the load during the lowering phase. Tanks from 20 to 100 liters allow to operate a wide range of medium and high tonnage cylinders. It finds its ideal use in large lifts, in infrastructural construction, heavy carpentry and in industry and in all sectors where there is a need to manage a load. FPT also designs and manufactures hydraulic pumps for special synchronous lifts according to customer specifications.
If higher precision is required and PC management is available in a fully integrated FPT synchronous lifting system controlled by a PLC.

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