FPT - Fluid Power Technology for the construction of the new San Giorgio bridge in Genoa - Italy

The new Genoa San Giorgio bridge is a symbol of memory and hope and we are proud to have participated in the realization of this work by providing our knowledge and products.

The Genova San Giorgio Bridge is a fundamental junction for road connections and transport in Genoa city and for all Italy. The new bridge has a continuous steel deck measuring 1067 metres totally, with 19 spans in steel and concrete. The bridge is supported by 18 elliptical section, constant shape reinforced concrete Piers.
The shape chosen recalls the hull of a ship and the light colour used for the painting makes the deck bright, harmonizing its presence in the landscape.

The new San Giorgio bridge is equipped with robotic automation systems and sensors for infrastructural control and maintenance, a dehumidification system to limit corrosion damage and has been conceived and designed with a low environmental impact as it is equipped with photovoltaic panels, which produce the energy necessary for the functioning of its systems throughout the day.
Parallel to the reconstruction of the viaduct, the future of the area under the structure began to be talked about. After an international competition, the commissioner designated Stefano Boeri’s «The Polcevera Park and the Red Circle» project as the winning project. The design involves the construction of a self-sufficient urban park from an energy point of view, a steel cycle-pedestrian ring with a diameter of 250 meters and a wind tower. The park will present a memorial dedicated to the victims of the collapse of the previous viaduct. Work on the park is scheduled to begin at the end of 2020.

Also present in Genoa for the inauguration ceremony is the creator of the San Giorgio bridge, the architect Renzo Piano, who, speaking up, said: «It is a bridge of light, from here whoever comes from the North sees the light that arrives from the sea. I think of the poet Giorgio Caproni who defines ‘Genoa of iron and wind’. I would like this bridge to be seen like this, forged in the wind. «Softly, with a moved voice, he continued:» Building is magic, walls don’t have to be built, bridges do, and doing it is beautiful, it’s a gesture of peace. Yard is magic, a construction site where solidarity, passion and love prevail over everything «.

FPT – Fluid Power Technology participated in various phases of the construction of the new Bridge San Giorgio Genova by supplying its equipment that was used for the assembly, deck lifting and bearing assembly operations.
FPT has put its know-how and its experience of more than 50 years of history at the service of this project and has worked together with various partners who have made possible the construction of this bridge which is also a bit of the symbol of our Genoa . The lifting of bridges and viaducts is part of our core business and includes translation and rotation operations of structures, calculation of the center of gravity and the production of synchronous lifting systems for the management of synchronized lifting, transfers and controlled load adjustments.

ponte san giorgio genova cilindri

Furthermore, having our production plant in the immediate vicinity of the San Giorgio bridge facilitated our logistics and presence on site.
During the decompression phase of the deck, high tonnage 200 tons hydraulic cylinders with reduced height and safety ring were used. Single acting version with load return. This model of hydraulic cylinders is extremely compact and has guide surfaces sized to ensure optimal performance in absorbing the offset load, making them the optimal solution for operating in confined spaces. The threaded safety ring allows the locking and mechanical maintenance of the load, giving the operator the possibility to disconnect the control unit HPU; it is therefore possible to work under the lifted load in complete safety.
During the construction of the bridge, different types of compact, extra flat and high tonnage hydraulic cylinders were used, equipped with relative hydraulic system of hoses and pumps to carry on the handling operations of the structures. For the vertical mobilization of the anti-seismic bearing on the platform, hydraulic spring return cylinders with the relative electric pumps were used.

FPT’s strength lies in its ability to design and manufacture special high-pressure equipment capable of responding to the most specific customer requests, reaching up to 4000 bar.
Special equipment both in the lifting and hydraulic bolting sector are made by a team of specialists, who follows the customer in the technical consultancy phase, needs analysis, in the design, production and installation of all the equipment, evaluating the technical solutions better in a personalized way. Custom made hydraulic cylinders with strokes and tonnages on request, customized power units, special hydraulic tensioners, customer-specific hydraulic nuts and specific equipment for every customer need.