Synchronous lifting system to control and balance a huge steel structure during the bridge launching.

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Synchronous lifting system synchro lift






Synchronous lifting system

The issues raised in FPT Fluid Power Technology from a major account in the field of infrastructure works in steel, such as road and railway bridges, civil and industrial buildings, and large steel structures, it has been very stimulating. Design and produce a special system capable of maintaining balanced loads between 4 lifting points with a maximum pressure difference of 20 bars.

The item in question is an important bridge post near Morbegno, on the Italian Alpes, where for morphological reasons the area was built with a structure having asymmetric geometry and high stiffness. To avoid possible deformations due to point loads on the lower flange of the beams has been created a dynamic balancing system realized through the use of high tonnage hydraulic cylinders and a completely special hydraulic unit, controlled by PLC. The hydraulic circuit and the software are designed by FPT and have reach the ambitious target set, by keeping the loads balanced during the step of launching with a maximum of lower pressure difference to 20 bar required. During the launching of the bridge, carried through a powerful winch, the 2 FPT hydraulic power units on the basis of the data received from the pressure sensors and of stroke transducers placed at strategic points have adjusted in a continuous manner the hydraulic pressure in the various outlet points while maintaining the forces balanced when the load varies.

Thanks to the specific skills of FPT in achieving the client’s products specific request and had great synergy with the client, it was possible to get a great result. Synchronous lifting system – synchro lift. See the Product data sheet Synchronous lifting system