Synchronous Lifting Hydraulic Pumps

To lift a structure with a leveling accuracy of +/- 0.5 mm
Sistema di sollevamento sincronizzato


Synchronous Lifting Hydraulic Pumps






A Synchronous Lifting Hydraulic Pump managed by PLC is a system that serves to have maximum precision in the movement and handling of heavy structures that must be controlled with synchronous lifting, lowering and movements between the various lifting points. The system includes a PLC, which manages the inputs arriving from the stroke transducers, positioned next to each hydraulic cylinder, managing the lifting, lowering, jacking or positioning of any structure, regardless of how large, heavy or complex it is or the distribution of the weight, the operations will always be carried out synchronously. All operations are managed by the operator via PC and thus the lifting and on-site operations are managed safely and quickly, reducing the risk of twisting, load shifts or movements due to non-homogeneous weight distribution. The leveling accuracy between the various lifting points is +/- 0.5 mm.

For this project FPT Fluid Power Technology participated in the maintenance works of the A480 motorway, on the viaduct near Grenoble in France, providing the FPT synchronized lifting system to COFEX-GTM Travaux Spéciaux, a subsidiary of VINCI Construction, company specializing in engineering, who carried out the work.

The deck, which crosses the Isère river, was moved using the 20 points FPT synchro system. This totally automatic and PLC-controlled system lifted the structure with a leveling precision of +/- 0.5 mm, allowing the operator to manage and monitor all lifting parameters through a simple and clean graphical interface. The planned activity consisted of placing the deck in its definitive position by assigning the correct load to the individual anti-seismic supports.
Thanks to the FPT Synchronous Lifting Hydraulic Pump, this complex and delicate activity was carried out safely and punctually, completing all the necessary movements.