Project Description

FPT Hydraulic pumps for big valve bolt tightening in the energy sector

For the use of hydraulic torque wrenches, many models of hydraulic pumps are required
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Pumps for hydraulic torque wrenches big valves bolt tightening




Oil & Gas

FPT – Fluid Power Technology ia a manufacturer of a wide range of hydraulic pumps used to operate both hydraulic torque wrenches: low clearance or square drive.

Pumps can be of various types according to the work that customers have to perform as tightening:
– Compact pumps
– Standard with wheels
– High flow pumps – for the best speed during the tightening
– Automatic cycle pumps – for the a fast, precise and easy job

And equipped with a wide range of accessories like the Q block to operate 4 tools in contemporary, cooler, hour counter, 110V electric motor, special cage and data logger. Using an electric pump for torque wrenches the Data Logger allow the operator to download the data of the torque operations and be able to store and analyze them.

For the following project the customer is a manufacturer of big valves for the energy industries: manufacturing of valves for the hydrocarbon and petrochemical processing plants, oil and gas off-shore and on-shore production and transportation and the energy industry.
The tightening needs were very specific and different so FPT has supply different types of hydraulic pumps.

For the tightening of big valves we have supplied various models of high flow pumps to ensure fast tightening. The reference model is FPH-HTW-HF – for torque wrenches.
Instead for smaller size valves, the FPT-HTW-C Series model was preferred, Compact electric and pneumatic pump.

Together with the pumps can also be provided a full range of hydraulic torque wrenches and twin hoses and the complete set of products like reductions to operate correctly on your bolting job. Download product data sheet