PT system for gauges calibration

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FPT system for gauges calibration consisting of:

– Ultra-High Pressure Air Pump maximum pressure 2000 bar
– Proportional Air pressure control valve
– Manifold with pressure transducer and digital pressure gauge LAT certificated
Software for storing and managing data on computer
– Support for attaching the manifold to the test bench , hose with quick couplings for connecting high-pressure unit and the manifold.

The operator positions the pressure gauge to be calibrated on the manifold , through the air pump gradually raises the pressure and compare the reading derived from the digital pressure gauge and the pressure transducer with that one of the test gauge so going to carry out the calibration of the same .

The sample pressure gauge and pressure transducer have an error of 0.2% of full scale that allows to calibrate instruments extremely accurate. It is also possible to create systems of calibration of pressure gauges with higher accuracies.

The data can also be downloaded to a PC in a Windows environment and is easy to display the chart pressure / time directly on your PC.