Project Description

Pressing operations of an important generator

Hydraulic cylinders suitable for high temperature and heavy duty operations
hydraulic cylinders






Hydraulic cylinders for high temperature


For pressing the plates that will make a big pack of magnetic alternator FPT has manufactured 14 cylinders load return model CSE100/100 – 100 tons to 700 bar – 100 mm stroke , which were mounted on the pressing head. The plates of the pack must be pressed step by step and to complete a variety of generators the pressing operations are specifically done for each machine. (depending on the type of electric machine to be produced ) . To carry on this operation the client has a specify equipment with vertical development consists of a base made of heavy carpentry , tie rod reaction and a head also made of heavy carpentry.
Below the head are inserts cylinders positioned upside down and with the bottom line on the head of carpentry . The rod then acts on a steel plate suitably machined which takes the shape of the type of plate that must be pressed.

The pressings are performed at various levels until the final step where all the package will be heated to a temperature of 100/105 ° C and subsequently welded .

The application is quite heavy for the combination between temperatures and hydraulic pressures very high , reaching 600 bar and a temperature of 110 ° C for two consecutive days. FPT manufactured custom jacks designed to perform this heavy environment.