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Hydraulic system for tensioning rope

Hydraulic system for tensioning rope






Tensionamento idraulico


In constructions involving the use of ropes must always face the delicate task of tensioning the elements that usually is performed with the aid of hydraulic equipment .

The different static solutions may include both individual adjustments (only one cable is tensioned ) or multiple tensioning (more ropes are tensioned at the same time).

FPT is able to provide all the equipment for the tensioning of ropes: from simple single-acting cylinders with spring return operated by a manual high pressure pump to more complex systems with double-acting jacks or synchronous system management.

In the pictures you can see a tensioning kit that consists of a pair of single-acting cylinders with spring return CRM15/260 (15 tons , stroke 260 mm , maximum working pressure 700 bar ) operated by a mono stage pump or double stage .
The flexibility in design and production of FPT allows the company to assist customers by developing appropriate solutions to any type of employment. FPT can supply cylinders, pumps, complete systems with synchronous control according to various operational needs.