FPT Synchronous Lifting Systems: design and manufacture of special machines.

Handling and management of heavy loads. Lifting, Weighing, Manipulation and Stringing synchronous.







Sistema di sollevamento sincrono – gestione sincronizzata di un carico


FPT – Fluid Power Technology is specialized on the design and production of synchronous lifting systems. The model FPT SYNCHRO is the standard version that is capable of lifting and lowering heavy loads in a totally controlled way with a precision on displacements of 1 mm. The system is equipped with a Siemens PLC and responds to the needs of the management of a load allowing the operator to control bending, twisting or tilting due to a non-homogeneous distribution of the weight or load movements between the lifting points.

FPT apart from the standard model also has the possibility of manufacturing special systems that are capable of handling complex operations of handling a load according to individual customer specifications.

Synchronous Stringing

Indeed, we have designed systems that can handle synchronous Stringing of wire ropes.

The system is able to manage lifting operations and also tensioning; It is composed of two separate and independent units each capable of handling 4 points. The two units are arranged to be able to be connected to each other through a network cable thus doubling the number of points to be able to control. Of laptop will be two working environments, a dedicated part of the stringing and the other part of the lifting.

Synchronous movements of cylinders on the basis of values of pressures and step progress during a bridge launch.

FPT has also produced machines capable of handling a movement with a minimum pressure difference between the cylinders positioned on the right side and the left stack of a bridge. The values are calculated based on the projections of the customer on the various steps of advancement.

FPT – Fluid Power Technology is thus able to develop and design lifting equipment and handling of heavy and special weight, according to individual customer needs.