Custom made hydraulic bolt tensioners to tightening an hydrocrackers reactor.

FPT has designed and manufactured n°10 special hydraulic bolt tensioners to tightening the head of hydrocrackers reactor.
tensionatori idraulici serraggio al 50%






Tensionatori idraulici speciali


Inside this device the chemical reaction take places at very high temperature and pressure. With this critical conditions the tightening of the bolts it must be done with great precision and care.

The tie rod in object are threaded 5”- 8 UN and in this application has been used the 50% technical tighten.

The special bolt tensioners realized have 15 mm of stroke, working pressure 1500 bar and max axial force of 6247 kN.

To feed the tensioner has been used an air oil intensifier with 10 liters tank capacity, 1500 bar max working pressure, cage and manual valve.