Anti-seismic device of bridges and viaducts

Nitox cylinder to be corrosion-resistant and suitable for aggressive enviroments
cilindri e martinetti per sollevamenti e manutenzioni ponti impalcati viadotti








The retrofitting of existing bridges and viaducts requires you to take action on items made previously providing for the lifting of the decks and replacement of bearings.
If you need to lift scaffolding composed of several prefabricated beams it is necessary to lift each line of support at the same time to avoid the differential displacements that may damage the deck of the bridge or viaduct.
In solidarity between their beams through the formation of transverse element in concrete (usually post-tensioned with bars) it is possible to proceed to the lifting ensuring the integrity of the artefact.

The work in question involved the renovation of the existing pier caps and the replacement of the bearings with new devices in line with current seismic codes.
FPT has provided 20 cylinders model type CSE- GS, single-acting lock nut , maximum load 200 tons at a pressure of 700 bar to the lifting of the components.
The use of cylinders with safety ring nut to lock the cylinder after the lift, infect the nut is screwed into the piston of the cylinder and acts as a mechanical stop giving the operator the ability to proceed safely to the execution of operations required. The individual cylinders , once locked, can remain positioned even for long periods ensuring a stable and solid support point.

This cylinder series is also likely to remain on site, outdoors, in harsh marine environments due to the fact that all components of the cylinder are subjected to the treatment that makes the nitro oxidation and corrosion resistant hard steel , giving greater resistance to ‘ wear.