Hydraulic bolt tensioners for wind turbine

Series CTP-W

Hydraulic tensioners for the wind turbine sector


FPT manufactures the CTP-W Series, a range of hydraulic bolt tensioners specifically designed for the wind turbine sector.

FPT hydraulic tensioners in the W series are extremely compact and able to work to very high power, conceived and designed for a complete wind turbine bolting installation or maintenance programme. They are compact, with spring return piston and device for screwing/unscrewing nuts that optimize job cycles turbine.

This tool is specifically designed to be used for wind turbine installation or maintenance during the bolting activities. The W series is used for continuatives job and the hydraulic tensioners are design and manufactured for high cycles.

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Hydraulic bolt tensioners wind turbine

FPT – Fluid Power Technology produces a wide range of hydraulic bolt tensioners for wind turbines, CTP-W series, specifically designed for the wind sector for all the bolted joints on a wind turbine and for the different applications on wind turbines.
They are extremely compact, able to develop very high forces, designed and designed for the installation of turbines and subsequent maintenance. They have a compact structure, equipped with a piston with spring return and a nut / bush screwing / unscrewing device on the tie rod with a ratchet wrench. They are equipped with an adjustable joint for a 360º rotation that allows the flexible hoses to be placed in the best possible position in order to allow free access to the tensioning tools. They have the automatic piston re-entry system for maximum speed in operations, the nut unscrewing screwing system and assisted key positioning.
Wind hydraulic bolt tensioners are specially designed to tighten the fifth wheels, bolts, nose and blades of wind towers. They are light, easy to use, easy to handle and carefully designed for greater reliability and durability.
All components are made of high-strength steels and have a special treatment to ensure high corrosion resistance and high resistance to wear during screwing operations and equipped with Long Life Time Tie Rod.
FPT is specialized in the study and production of special wind tensioners and the reference sector increasingly needs hydraulic tensioners made to specifications in order to operate in the required dimensions. FPT follows the customer from the study of the geometries to the 3D project up to the production of the required tensioners. It also takes care of following the customer in the development of the hydraulic circuit by supplying the electric control units at 1500 bar and all the components suitable for operating the system.

  • Multi stage Hydraulic tensioners for the wind turbine sector
  • Hydraulic bolt tensioners specifically designed for the wind turbine sector

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