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FPT – Fluid Power Technology produces a wide range of high pressure valves, high pressure hoses, quick couplers, fittings, manifolds, pressure gauges and accessories from 700 bar up to 4000 bar. FPT high pressure valves are designed and produced to guarantee maximum reliability and performance for the customer’s needs.
They can be mounted directly on the control unit or in line, have manual, electric or pneumatic actuation and with multiple configurations giving maximum flexibility to the operator.
A wide range of components and accessories is available to complete your hydraulic system. Including a complete line of high pressure gauges, with excellent precision and readability, easy to assemble, digital pressure gauges available or with double scale pressure reading in bar – ton. High pressure hoses from 1000 bar up to 4000 bar, suitable for demanding applications, available in various lengths. Quick couplers for pressures from 700 bar – 2000 bar – 2500 bar – 3000 bar and 4000 bar. Manifolds that allow the connection of several lines to a single input, fittings and mineral hydraulic oil or other fluids for special applications and for optimal operation and durability of the equipment in use.
Hydraulic valves, hoses and components custom made. Special high pressure hydraulic valves according to specific customer requirements and for different industrial environments can also be made, as well as special manifolds both for use and for special material and components designed and produced custom made at its own production plant in Italy. FPT is able to design and manufacture special equipment capable of responding to the most specific customer requests. A team of specialists follows the customer in the technical consultancy phase, in the design, production and installation of all the equipment, evaluating the best technical solutions in a personalized manner.