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FPT – Fluid power Technology produces a wide range of hydraulic equipment and systems such as hydraulic presses, hydraulic extractors, hydraulic pullers, hydraulic lifters, hydraulic nut splitter, testing and testing equipment, hot bolt systems and a multitude of systems and hydraulic equipment for maintenance and lifting.
FPT also designs and manufactures special equipment for lifting tightening, tensioning and dedicated applications, with a pressure range from 350 to 4000 bar. High pressure hydraulic systems according to customer specifications starting from the project idea to the production and implementation of the equipment. Among the various projects were kit for pin tensioning, hot bolt clamp system for safe removal and replacement of corroded bolts on flanged connections and relative hand pump, hydraulic presses and various types of hydraulic systems.
Relying on FPT means choosing technical solutions that arise from a long tradition in the hydraulic sector, which began more than 50 years ago. The customer is followed in the technical consultancy phase, in the design, production and installation of the various equipment, evaluating the best technical solutions in a totally customized manner; it then comes from the idea to the design thanks to 3D solid modelers and F.E.M. for the definition of the geometry and the choice of the most suitable material and heat treatment for each construction detail so as to optimize the performance and economic aspects compatible with the production requirements.

Tightening tool for plate heat exchangers

Hydraulic test pumps, test rig

FPT Hot Bolt & Industrial Clamp System

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