Testing and geotechnical equipment

Production | Hydraulic cylinders for bar tensioning | Pile test equipment | Pull out

FPT – Fluid Power Technology design and manufacture Testing and Geotechnical equipment. Pile Test equipment to performe quality assurance for deep foundations. Load test can be done to evaluate the bearing capacity of the pile. The test load will be applied by the FPT hydraulic jacks against concrete blocks, or contrast, with the load being measured by calibrated and certified pressure gauges on the selected pile.

Hollow cylinders and pumps to performe Pull Test to establish the strength of fixings that have been installed or fitted into walls, our pull out tests are vital for commercial buildings, railways and airports.

Hydraulic jacks and hydraulic bolt tensioners specifically designed for tensioning Dywidag bars, Macalloy bars and others bars. Threads made specifically to suit the application. Bridges and reaction bells are produced as needs of the site and of the project. Post Tensioning Bar Systems.

FPT produce a wide range of Testing and Geotechnical equipment and products also custom made. High pressure custom equipment for the lifting, bolting and tensioning sectors. Hydraulic systems created by a team of specialists and engineers, who follows the customer in the phase of technical consulting, in the analysis of the project, in the design, production and implementation of all needs, evaluating the best technical solutions in a personalized manner. FPT: the specialist of the custom made solutions. Deep tradition of continuous renewal, started more than 50 years ago, strong specialization in engineering and design of new technical solutions, absolute quality of products and effective technical assistance and after sales service have made FPT a reference brand for special high pressure hydraulic systems based on specific customer needs. The core activity of FPT is the design and the production of specific products following the needs of each projects all over the world.