Pumps for bolt tensioners and hydraulic nuts

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FPT – Fluid Power Technology is a manufacturer of very high pressure hand pumps, electric and air hydraulic power units for operating hydraulic bolt tensioners, hydraulic nuts and various tools where very high pressure is required. Based on the customer’s needs, it is possible to choose the most suitable pump for the required work. The very high pressure hand pumps are produced in light aluminum alloy of aeronautical derivation to reduce the weight to the minimum. The 1600 bar and 3000 bar versions are built in two stages with a flow rate of 40 cc in the first stage for rapid approach and 1 cc in the second stage. The 4000 bar version is single stage with a flow rate of 0.5 cc per pump. The air hydraulic pump are powered by a normal compressed air line and represent the ideal solution for stud tensioning operations, burst tests, testing of pressurized containers, bearing jacks, actuation of hydraulic bolt tensioners and wherever high pressure is required. The electric control unit has a maximum pressure of 1500 bar is single phase and is suitable for operating hydraulic tensioners at 1500 bar. The project is based on a low pressure gear pump combined with an oil – oil pressure intensifier. FPT can also manufactures special power units and pumps at the customer’s request, with pressure up to 4000 bar. FPT designs and manufactures custom made electric and air hydraulic pumps in high pressure from 700 to 4.000 bar. For maximum customization and versatility. When standard production in not enought to meet customer requirements, FPT is able to design and produce hydraulic pumps according to customer specifications.