Project Description

Translation of an highway

FPT pump for the displancement and positioning of heavy structure of carpentery
hydraulic high flow pump






Hydraulic high flow pump


The launch of long viaducts metalwork provides more and more often use the technique of “launching “.

This kind of launch is to minimize the area of mounting (mounting the entire viaduct , if of limited length or portions or if the viaduct is very long in a facility next to the provisional launching) and place the viaduct without having to operate in height for the assembly of the individual portions .

FPT has participated to the project for the adaptation of the viaduct Marchetti on the A5 Turin – Quincinetto .

Hydraulic equipment provided :

Hydraulic pump with 300 l useful tank, equipped with two motor – pump having an installed capacity of 18.5 kW each, four outputs from 6.1 l / min with a maximum pressure of 700 bar
Pull cylinders

The bridge has been moved and positioned by actuating the jacks while the structure flowed on suitable supports having a low coefficient of friction.

FPT is a company specialized in the production of high-pressure hydraulic equipment for the steel sector (infrastructure projects) : road and rail bridges , viaducts, civil and industrial buildings , industrial plants and equipment components and is able to develop projects specific to the needs the customer like the case of the Viaduct Marchetti.