Tensioning high resistance bars

Single and doubble acting hollow cylinders – hydraulic tensioners








The modern buildings , whether they are bridges, viaducts or buildings , are increasingly reinforced concrete or post-tensioned steel-concrete composite structures in which it is indicated the insertion of high resistance bars such as fasteners or post-tensioned elements with the function of compressing the concrete.

The two families of bars commonly employed are the bars Stahlwerk Annahutte type Y1050 ( known to most with the trade name Dywidag ) and Macalloy bars.

The bars are usually installed post-tensioned pre stressing loads that do not allow the implementation by a torque wrench but require you to release the stringing operations of the bar by tightening the nut.

FPT produces hollow piston cylinder single and double acting model CRM – CRI- FO and FO that allow , with the aid of appropriate ” saddles ” that leave the nut accessible anchor to proceed to the stringing of the bars.
FPT is able to develop hollow cylinders and related accessories for the tensioning of the bars according to the specific business needs (space available , required stroke , hole) and to develop tensioners for tensioning in confined spaces (see section “60 FPT TENSIONERS FOR PANAMA ).