Multiple tensioning

Multistud tensioners for offshore cranes
tensionatori idraulici multistadio




Off Shore




To mount the main framework of 1 offshore cranes we have designed a set of tensioners for multiple tensioning (multi- stud) of M64 bolts . The project was carried out in full cooperation with the Engineering department of our client needed to perform the junction of two sections making up the main mast of a offshore crane.

The project has specific very important , typical of the offshore world that have been well followed:
– Need to perform a multiple tensioning of the junction bolt
– Minimum space that led to the particular geometry of the tensioner
– Need to carry on tensioning on different times.
– Tensioners had to operate on the offshore environment and therefore highly corrosive, the technical choice was that of a special surface treatment
2,300 bar operating pressure
– 15 mm stroke

The tool realized by FPT allowed to perform smoothly and with reduced times the assembly operations of the crane.