Mounting 60 kW wind generators

Wind turbines hydraulic bolt tensioners and hydraulic torque wrenches
tensionatori eolici per torri eoliche multistadio

Mounting wind generators with hydraulic bolt tensioners





One of the fields of application of FPT products are renewable energy, eco-sustainable, including hydroelectric, photovoltaic, small wind systems, wind turbines, turbines and hydroelectric power plants, photovoltaic solutions, high energy efficiency plants. FPT – Fluid Power Technology products were used for the assembly of some wind towers and for the mounting of wind generators during the tightening operations, in particular wind bolt tensioners and hydraulic wrenches.

The 32 M39 stud bolts of the foundation tie rods have been tightened with controlled load using the FPT TTS3 wind tensioners of the standard range which is designed to adapt to the main types of flanges: ANSI B16.5 – ANSI B16.47 – BS3293 – AWWA – MSS -SP44 – API-6A – API-17D – UNI EN 1092-1 and has high forces and reduced dimensions. The optimal combination of developed strength and dimensions.

While the wind tower junction was tightened with an FPT hydraulic torque wrench on M36 nuts and with a different model wrench, for M30 nuts, the hub and blade joint of the wind turbine was also tightened.

For all tightening operations were used the hydraulic power units FPT model C10 and the hydraulic torque wrenches and the pump model C7 for operating the hydraulic tensioners at 1500 bar and both systems were equipped with the very high pressure hoses. In the wind sector FPT is also specialised in the design and manufacture of two stage or multi stage special hydraulic tensioners that can also be designed and produced with extremely high forces and very reduced overall dimensions.