Project Description

Lifting cylinders for shipbuilding

Lifting and positioning of steel structures

Lifting Cylinders – high tonnage for shipbuilding






FPT – Fluid Power Technology produces lifting cylinders for various industrial sectors including the naval sector and shipbuilding. In the specific case lifting cylinders of 200 and 250 tonnage have been used for the lifting operations of big steel carpentry. The cylinders are in a compact version to better adapt to the reduced overall dimensions on site.

The lifting cylinders supplied are in the double acting version, compact, suitable for heavy duty use and equipped with a RFUA unidirectional valve positioned on each jack for additional safety during operations; in fact the valve allows the oil to go in one direction and prevents it in the opposite direction.

Along with the cylinders have been supplied also the 1.000 bar high pressure hoses and the high pressure hydraulic pump for managing the various jacks.

For different needs the cylinders can also be supplied for different tonnages, in fact the compact range of cylinders is extremely wide and goes from 50 tons up to 600 tons at 700 bar and with different strokes. The end stroke ring also ensures maximum safety for the operator by preventing the extra stroke of the piston and guarantee the optimal performance in absorbing the offset load. If necessary, hydraulic jacks can also be designed and manufactured to customer specifications, in that case a team of technicians will take care of the design development and manufacturing at the FPT production plant. Download the product data sheet