Project Description

Hydraulic equipment for launching gantry

Hydraulic equipment launching gantry






Hydraulic equipment launching gantry

The realization of viaducts concrete cast in situ presupposes provide a formwork for concrete casting. Hydraulic equipment launching gantry.

When , for various reasons , we can not anticipate the creation of a mold that rests on the ground, you have to provide for the use of a cart that will accompany the launch of the formwork during the construction of individual sections of cast in situ .
There are several solutions launching gantry, the object of this section is to launch a wagon with metal beams on more lights that is translated ” push ” once they have finished the lights were covered by the superstructure.

During translation the carriage is moved by means of hydraulic handling that allows application of heavy loads with the control of movement , since the wagon is not sufficiently rigid for the recovery of the arrow of the cantilever during the launch , is mounted in the head of a metal structure that is equipped with hydraulically operated lifting device . With this solution, the viaduct is “driven” in supporting the stack to which approaches during launch. Once the tank has been ” embarked ” on the stack can slide on rollers or support devices previously prepared.

On the stack jacks are mounted overhead accompanying the translation working on traction or thrust.
For this project FPT provided:
Control unit for command number 2 separate groups of cylinders , equipped with inverters on both engines to control ramp of acceleration and deceleration .

Double-acting cylinders model FPT CDE25/1650 – 25 tons to 700 bar – 1650 mm stroke – with a pivoting support with pins in an intermediate position and eyelets at both ends used to “accompany” the translation of the wagon on batteries.
Cylinders FPT model CRI50/1000 50 tons to 700 bar – 1000 mm stroke