Project Description

Off shore operations

FPT hydraulic cylinders to remove the North West Hutton
hydraulic cylinder


North Sea


Off shore


Hydraulic cylinders with Nitox treatment


North West Hutton is the largest offshore platform that has ever been removed in the North Sea. In 2008 the 22,000 tons of the topsides were removed and in 2009 the remaining 9,200 tons of the truss base (jacket part) were removed while the remaining 9,000 tons remained on the seabed.
FPT has manufactured 16 high tonnage hydraulic cylinders with a special treatment that guarantees greater resistance to corrosion, which were used to remove the 9,200 ton jacket.
The cylinders used for lifting operations are the FPT CSE250 / 300GS-TU-TA model:
single-acting cylinders, return under load 250 tons, 300 mm of stroke
with safety nut and integrated head.
The guide surfaces are sized to ensure optimal performance in absorbing the offset load and the end-of-stroke ring nut increases operator safety by avoiding the extra stroke of the piston.
These cylinders are equipped with high-resistance seals for maximum durability with use up to 60 ° C, on request it is possible to equip the cylinder with seals resistant to high temperatures up to 200 ° C. Furthermore, the presence of the mud scraper ring avoids contamination by impurities present in the environment of use. The cylinders are equipped with a 3/8 ” NPT female half joint equipped with an anti-dust cap. High resistance removable head and possibility to mount a self-leveling head for better distribution of the load to be lifted.
Made with the NITOX ONC treatment on all the details which gives the cylinders a high resistance to corrosion, thus making them the ideal solution in offshore environments. Corrosion resistant hydraulic cylinders manufactured by FPT.