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Hydraulic cylinders for ship maintenance and repair

Reconditioning of ship components
hydraulic cylinders

Hydraulic cylinders for ship maintenance





FPT – Fluid Power Technology produces hydraulic equipment and spring return hydraulic cylinders used for ship maintenance, ship building, construction of new ships and for the reconditioning of components and parts.

The hollow cylinders are commonly used for the extraction of the valve plugs or the spring return cylinders to move the crankdisks of a propeller hub of a ship propeller, the extra flat or compact cylinders are instead used for leveling or lifting operations of components in confined spaces.

The equipment can be 700 bar or 1.600 bar depending on the type of operation to be performed: repairs and reconstruction of marine engines, construction and restoration of boilers, heat exchangers and radiators, mechanical repairs of naval components, replacement and assembly of pipelines board. FPT produces not only the various types of hydraulic cylinders used for maintenance but also electric or air HPU pumps, manual pumps and all the high pressure circuitry. In addition to the range, there are also hydraulic tensioners for tightening and hydraulic wrenches with square or low cleareance. A FPT technical assistance center is at the complete disposal of the customer to overhaul or perform maintenance on our products and a well-stocked warehouse guarantees deliveries of original spare parts all over the world. FPT also carries out technical training and on-site training to provide operators in the sector with all the tools necessary for the correct and safe use of FPT hydraulic equipment both in the workshop and on board. Click to discover the full range of cylinders available.