Hydraulic Cylinders and pumps for Pile Static Load Test

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Hydraulic Cylinder Pile Static Load Test

Hydraulic Cylinders and pumps for Pile Static Load Test






FPT – Fluid Power Technology produces hydraulic equipment, such as hydraulic jacks and hydraulic pumps, which are used to carry out load tests on floors, piles, micropiles and structures. The load tests on piles have the purpose of checking the subsidence of piles and foundation piles and of the bearing capacity of piles and foundation piles.

The acceptance test is carried out on the piles of the piling. The test is not destructive and therefore the displacement of the head of the pole is measured according to the load.

The load is applied through a hydraulic cylinder operated by a hand pump or an electrical pump unit and placed between the head of the pole and a test beams anchored to adjacent poles. The measurement of the lowering of the pole head is performed using micrometers, or centesimal comparators placed between the pole head and steel contrast beams in general.

FPT hydraulic equipment for Pile Static Load Test:
– Double acting hydraulic jacks from 100 tons up to 1,000 tons – stroke from 50 mm to 250 mm

Model FPT: CRIC Compact double-acting cylinder
– High flow hand pumps Model FPT: PDS-120-DE (122 l / m @ 20 bar and 4.8 l / m @ 700 bar
– FPT GEO – specific electric pump with automatic pressure re-build, to maintain and restore the load.
– Hydraulic power packs specifically equipped with a control system, automatic maintenance and restoration of pressure (in case of structural failure of the load) monitored and settable from the display. This type of control unit is the ideal solution for feeding single or double acting cylinders used to carry out load tests.