Hydraulic cylinders and pump for lifting, moving and regulate a mobile formwork

FPT hydraulic system for the bridge construction

Hydraulic cylinders for formwork





Construction, infrastructure and bridges are a particularly important area where the FPT – Fluid Power Technology – equipment have many applications. In this case it was to equip mobile formwork CVS model used by major construction companies for the launch of the bridge sections. In detail, the hydraulic system is composed of three different types of hydraulic cylinders having distinct functions and managed by a single hydraulic power unit capable of supplying all the actuators.

The movable formwork must be able to carry out three important movements:

The first is translation obtained by using low-pressure cylinders CRI10/500 model having then thrust force 10 ton, 500 mm stroke and a maximum pressure of 200 bar.
The second movement is height adjustment achieved by the use of high pressure cylinders with oil return and model safety ring nut CRI200/ 160GSTA, thrust 200 ton capacity, 160 mm stroke and maximum pressure of 700 bar.
The last movement is the tilt adjustment in which the cylinders are used CRI-25/200. These cylinders have eyelet attacks at both ends, the maximum force in the push / pull of 25 ton, stroke of 200 mm and a maximum pressure of 700 bar.

The hydraulic pump has been designed on the specific needs of the customer taking particular attention to the safety and ease of use. All commands are particularly intuitive to minimize any operating errors by the operator. The hydraulic circuit includes a section at low pressure and a high pressure, obtained using different types of pumps and valves. The high pressure pumps have been designed to have maximum reliability and allow to minimize the size of the hydraulic circuit. This is one of many applications where FPT has provided all its experience and expertise in making hydraulic rig on specific customer request.