Project Description

High tonnage hydraulic cylinders to test the foundations of wind towers

Subsea operations at a depth of 30 meters below sea level
High tonnage hydraulic cylinders

High tonnage hydraulic cylinders to test the foundations






Reliability is the key attribute in the wind sector and in particular in offshore applications. And how is reliability tested? With tests and in-depth proofs. FPT – Fluid Power Technology was involved to test the dynamic behaviour of the entire structure of the tower with an almost realistic simulation of the interactions of the support structure with the soil / seabed.

The hydraulic system was designed to test the foundations of wind turbines. The installation of 3 foundation piles, 8 meters x 80 meters long and a steel structure 45 meters x 15 meters high, to be placed on two piles are part of the carpentry structure which was then tested with a force of 8 hydraulic cylinders of 670 tons for a total of 5360 tons.

The pulling test performed is essential to verify that the foundation pole hooked into the seabed is safe and to test the goodness of the anchor made, also considering the strength of the waves and winds.

The tests and inspections were carried out subsea at 30 meters deep below sea level.

FPT – Fluid Power Technology was involved in the project for the construction of the hydraulic system. Designing and manufacturing 10 high tonnage hydraulic cylinders, oil return, with internal magnetostrictive stroke transducer with 4-20 mA output signal, suitable for subsea use at 30 meters depth, with a special seal to prevent the entrance of sea water. All mechanical parts are NITREG® – ONC (NITOX) treated to resist corrosion in salt spray according to ASTM-B117 for over 400 hours.

The hydraulic cylinders are equipped with double connections to be able to connect them in a serial way and supplied with Bio Oil so that they can operate in Offshore in full respect of the environment and without any contamination of the external environment. Download the product data sheet