Project Description

Electric hydraulic pumps at 700 bar for the automotive sector

FPT equipment for the repair sector
Electric hydraulic pumps 700 bar

Electric hydraulic pumps 700 bar





FPT – Fluid Power Technology designs and manufactures hydraulic equipment for the automotive sector and works with manufacturers of equipment for bodywork repairs. Auto manufacturers are constantly looking for innovative ways to make cars lighter, more energy efficient and environmentally friendly thanks to reduced emissions. The increased use of high and medium strength steel, aluminium and carbon fiber has allowed manufacturers to improve the structural integrity of vehicles while keeping the overall weight of the vehicle to a minimum.

FPT produces various types of hydraulic cylinders for this specific sector, from 10 – 20 – 30 tons with medium and long strokes up to 300 mm equipped with tilting saddle to better compensate for lateral loads during vehicle lifting operations. It also produces electric hydraulic pumps 700 bar to operate multiple cylinders at the same time, in the specific case with dedicated carpentry, trolley, cages, manifold mounted on the central board for operating the hydraulic jacks. And the whole hydraulic system with high pressure hoses for the various connections. Among the equipment typically supplied to the automotive sector there are also pneumo hydraulic, air operated, battery operated pumps for easy use and a complete range of lifting cylinders.

FPT – Fluid Power Technology designs and manufactures custom made electric and air hydraulic pumps in high pressure from 700 to 4.000 bar. For maximum customization and versatility. When standard production in not enought to meet customer requirements, FPT is able to design and produce hydraulic pumps according to customer specifications. The hydraulic pumps can be studied with operating pressure from 350 bar up to 4.000 bar, have extremely compact tanks of 2 or 5 liters up to large tanks for the operation of multiple cylinders reaching up to 400 or 500 liters.