Project Description

Custom made hydraulic bolt tensioners M36x4 for the tightening of pipelines

Hydraulic bolt tensioners FPT – Fluid Power Technology, TTS series are used for tightening the flanges of the pipeline of the new facility for Aramco.
centralina idraulica per tensionatori idraulici compatti

Custom made hydraulic bolt tensioners M36x4




Oil & Gas


FPT has provided all the necessary equipment to perform tightening operations: air hydraulic pump PP150010G – 1.500 bar, hydraulic bolt tensioners TTS series, hoses and fittings in very high pressure.

Bolt tensioners have been produced custom made, very compact and special with M36x4 thread designed and manufactured by FPT based on the customer’s tensioning specifications. The markets increasingly require hydraulic tensioners made to customer specifications to be able to operate and fit the tools in the required dimensions. FPT follows the customer from the study of the geometries to the 3D project up to the production of the required tensioners. Not only manufactures the tensioners but also takes care of following customers in the development of the hydraulic circuit, supplying the air or electric pumps and all the components suitable for operating the system. The reference markets increasingly require custom hydraulic tensioners made to customer specifications in order to be able to operate in the required dimensions and with the characteristics suitable for individual needs. The special tensioners can be compact, multi-stage, with threaded insert and with spring return. The CTP series with threaded insert is characterized by having the interchangeable threaded bush which allows to operate on tie rods with different threads with a single hydraulic cell. The CTP-M series are characterized by having a central tie-rod on which two load cells act, this type of construction allows to double the load capacity while maintaining the outer diameter of the cell identical. The result obtained is extremely compact with the same load supplied. The CTP-C series is the compact version with threaded piston. This constructive typology allows to reduce the overall dimensions allowing to operate in environments with reduced spaces.