Project Description

Copenaghen Cityringen Metro

Hydraulic system for assembling steel structures
cilindri idraulici doppio effetto compatti






Sistema idraulico


In Copenhagen is building a large extension of the subway. The Cityring , which is scheduled to open in 2018 , will be a circle around the center of the city. The new ring in the center of the city, with two tunnel of 17.4 km length each, with 17 new stations located 30 meters below ground level .

The project represents a technical challenge because of its complexity and importance.

For the project Cityring , FPT has made hydraulic cylinders , the unit and its hydraulic system for assembling steel structures.
To achieve the trench excavation was planned in-situ casting diaphragm to support the excavation. Not being able to provide for the insertion of Anchors for Geotechnics not to interfere with neighboring areas on the back , it was adopted a system made with large diameter metal tubes that contrast the push of the soil on the diaphragms.

FPT has provided the cylinders model CRIC200/300, double acting cylinders compact , 200 tons to 700 bar – 300 mm stroke , inserted in correspondence of the metal pipes with a diameter of 900 mm to keep the system in contact with the diaphragms during the phases of installation subsequent levels of contrasts put in place parallel to the lowering of the bottom of the excavation.