Project Description

Bar stressing, tensioning dywidag bars

Post-tensioning systems
tensioned bars

Bar stressing, tensioning dywidag bars





FPT – Fluid Power Technology operates in the infrastructure sector and produces hydraulic equipment used for structural engineering, bridges and viaducts, bar stressing and post tensioning. It is daily involved in assisting customers operating in market niches where professionalism and speed of action are required.

In this case Dywidag Systems S.r.l. (Italian branch of Dywidag, a company known to all operators in the infrastructure sector) entrusted us to create a hydraulic set easy-to-use co carry on on-site tests to check the residual tension on tie rods installed in the 1990s.

For this tensioning operation normally are used hollow cylinders equipped with suitable accessories such as reaction bridges and plates and nuts but for some applications I can be more too much heavy and not easy to use.
In the specific case, the customer needed to have a very compact and handy hydraulic tensioning kit, so we made a set consisting of a 1600 bar manual pump, a TTS3 hydraulic bolt tensioner with a specific insert with Dywidag thread, thus ensuring lightweight, reliable tools which allowed the customer to perform a precise, rapid and safe job.

FPT is in fact specialized in the design and production of specific equipment upon customer request, in this case the hydraulic bolt tensioner is an extremely light product, it is modular and already equipped with an incorporated reaction bridge and a threaded puller. The low weight makes the dywidag tensioner the perfect tool for tensioning operations.

It should be noted that the reduced useful stroke (10 mm) does not recommend the use for standard tensioning operations where there are larger spaces the most suitable tool in these cases are the hollow jacks that can be single or double acting depending on the customer applications.