39 hydraulic jacks to lift a floor

Hydraulic system to lift 1.000 ton
martinetti idraulici per prove su solai

Hydraulic jacks to lift a floor





In the field of monitoring, tests on structures and geotechnics FPT- Fluid Power Technology supplied its hydraulic equipment to restore a slab that showed an important collapse.

During the construction of a new building on 3 floors, following the settlement of some foundation poles, the attic of the first level showed an important collapse, up to 12 cm, for a portion of about 250 square meters.

Through the use of 39 hydraulic jacks the transferred portions were raised, for an overall thrust force of over 1,000 tons. 5 different hydraulic circuits were set up with relative hydraulic and central jacks and the movements of the structure were monitored, during the two days of intervention, even with a fixed position.

When the horizontality of the floor concerned is reached, the contractor company has reconstructed the sectioned pillars. The structural consolidation is a necessary and fundamental intervention to make a building recover the necessary structural characteristics that guarantee its static condition. This can be lost or damaged by serious phenomena that escape human control such as seismic events or other factors that change the quality and safety of structures and buildings such as material degradation or contact, in the long run , with strongly conditioning environmental situations (exposure to marine environment, contact with fire and others). FPT equipment is used throughout the civil, geotechnical and environmental engineering sector where hydraulic jacks, hydraulic power units of various designs and high-pressure hydraulic equipment are commonly used.