Project Description

140 ton double acting pulling cylinders for 8.6 km tunnel consolidation

The FPT hydraulic system have been used for moving the big metal structures.
double acting pulling cylinder

Double acting pulling cylinder 140 ton – 1000 mm stroke





FPT – Fluid Power Technology has participated in the supply of high pressure equipment for the Variante di Valico highway project. A motorway that is of strategic importance for the connection between north and south of Italy, playing a key role in the mobility of people and goods between Europe and the Mediterranean. Specifically, we equipped the machine that served to consolidate the 8.6 km long Sparvo tunnel. For the construction of the Sparvo tunnel (La Quercia – Barberino section), a TBM Tunnel Boring Machine was used which at the time of construction was the largest in the world.

The steel reinforcement shells have been installed using FPT hydraulic equipment infact various cylinders have been designed and produced and specifically pulling hydraulic cylinders double acting with a capacity of 140 tons and a stroke of 1000 mm and a high pressure hydraulic pump, 700 bar have been produced for the control of the entire hydraulic system. FPT also carried out all the first installation activities, on site support and technical supervision of the hydraulic equipment supplied on site including the double acting pulling cylinder, the hydraulic pump and all connections, hoses and fittings.

Thanks to the new motorway, the average journey time has been reduced by 30% with an important fuel savings. The variant also includes numerous other interventions that have the purpose of integrating the work with the surrounding environment and strengthening ordinary roads next to motorway junctions. Click on the link to see the full range of hydraulic cylinders