FPT Fluid Power Technology engineering - Project & R&D

FPT Fluid Power Technology engineering and R&D represents one of the company strengths.
FPT Fluid Power Technology engineering & project. FPT is able to design and manufacture special equipment capable of responding to the most specific customer requirements.

A team of specialists follows the customer at the stage of technical expertise in the design, manufacture and installation of all equipment, evaluating the best technical solutions in a personalized way.

From concept to design:
FPT – Fluid Power Technology has the latest generation of computer tools such as:
– 3D solid modeling
– Application F.E.M.

The use of these instruments allows the definition of the geometry and the choice of material and the heat treatment most appropriate for each particular constructive so as to optimize performance and economic aspects consistent with the needs of production. By analyzing F.E.A. In fact, we can predict the mechanical behavior under operating conditions of each component. Thanks to the 3D CAD we can also assemble virtually our products and review its operation in virtual significantly reducing assembly problems due to design errors.

From design to production:
The Team of Technical FPT follows the customer order through fulfillment , has CAM workstations for processing machine programs , inventory management tools and workshop equipment . A powerful tool that allows us to better support the production department optimizing production and improving the quality of the work and then the finished product.

From production to installation:
FPT engineers follow the customer also for the phases of commissioning of the equipment. Our customers can rely on after-sales support from a team of specialists.

The true distinctive character of FPT Fluid Power Technology lies in the design and production of standard tools and costum made equipment, to meet any specific customers’ need: from the smaller workshop to the largest production unit, there is no industrial sector that can do without the help of our products.