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FPT – Fluid Power Technology is a manufacturer of lifting equipment and bolt tightening equipment. High pressure hydraulic equipment from 700 to 4000 bar. FPT produces different types of hydraulic lifting cylinders, hollow cylinders, extra flat cylinders, aluminum cylinders, compact cylinders, pull cylinders, double acting cylinders, locking collar cylinders, lifting jacks and very high tonnage cylinders used by manual pumps of diffrent sizes or by electric, air or gasoline pumps with different types of flow, motor and control and computer controlled synchronous lifting systems for millimetric precision during the lifting and the lowering phases, intelligent and innovative solutions for the highest level of quality, reliability and safety.

FPT – Fluid Power Technology also produces a wide range of bolting tools likes hydraulic tensioners of diffrent types and related air and electric pumps at 1500 bar up to 3000 bar. The product range also includes hydraulic nuts at very high pressure, hydraulic torque wrenches and related pumps, clamping systems, hydraulic presses and hydraulic equipment. The entire range of equipment is produced by FPT in its production plant in Italy. Products born from a long tradition in the hydraulic sector, started more than 50 years ago and in continuous renewal to reach the highest levels of quality and performance. In addition to its standard range, FPT is specialised in the development of special and custom made equipment and systems, based on the needs of customers and on the individual projects and used worldwide. A team of technicians and engineers can follow customers during all phases of the development of a new projects. A service center is at the complete disposal of the client for review or carry out maintenance to our products and a well-stocked warehouse ensures deliveries of spare parts around the world.

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