Pull out test hollow cylinders and pumps

Pull out test hollow cylinders and pumps


The pull out test or extraction test is a non destructive mechanical investigation that allows the assessment of the quality of reinforced concrete structures in place.
The pull out test is performed using hydraulic equipment that is used to extract a test piece.
The hydraulic equipment consists of:
– Hydraulic jack hollow version in aluminum or steel
– 10 tons of force at 700 bar, stroke 50 mm
– Compact high pressure hand pump – 700 bar – single-stage version or double stage
– Very high pressure hoses
– Digital pressure gauge 0-1000 bar accuracy class 0.2%
– Kit complete with tie rod – ball head and nut for connection with the plug used for the extraction test
The force measured by the pressure gauge will then be analyzed and compared with correlation curves to estimate the strength of the material.


  • Hollow cylinders in aluminum or steel 
  • Hydraulic equipment for Pull out test 

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