Electric and Air Hydraulic Pumps

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Electric and Air Hydraulic Pumps – Configurator


The FPT model hydraulic pumps are the ideal solution for all industrial applications because of their extreme versatility and customization thanks to multiple configurations.


Available with three-phase and single-phase electric motor or pneumatic.


Possibility to install manual, electric or pneumatic, 3 or 4-way valves for single or double-acting cylinders and hydraulic equipment.


Reduced maintenance. Designed to last.


Wide range of accessories.

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Electric and air hydraulic pumps

Configure your high pressure electric or air hydraulic pump, using the FPT configurator to create the most suitable version for your applications. You can compose your customized model here by choosing the type of pump and motor with the relative flow rate. Different types of tanks up to 60 liters. Select the valve for manual, pneumatic or electric operation for both single acting and double acting cylinders. A wide range of accessories is also available. Electric and Air Hydraulic Pumps.


Creating your own high pressure, 700 bar, electric or air hydraulic pump is extremely easy, using the FPT configurator it is in fact possible to compose the model best suited to your applications. To create your own electric or pneumatic hydraulic pump you can proceed in steps. The first step is to define the components of the base including the type of piston pump and the single phase or three phase electric motor, with 2 or 4 poles or pneumatic and the relative flow rate l / min that derives from it. By clicking on tank capacity, a render is displayed indicative of the selected control panel model and it is possible to define the tank required from 10 liters up to 60 liters. As a second step it is possible to choose the type of valve that can have manual, pneumatic or electric actuation and the type of hydraulic cylinders that you want to operate, at which point you will see listed the list of available valves to make your choice. As a last step, a wide range of accessories can be selected including remote control, return filter, one-way valve, quick couplings, cages, pressure gauges and manifolds. Electric and Air Hydraulic Pumps.


If standard production fails to meet your needs, FPT – Fluid Power Technology is able to design and produce Electric and Air Hydraulic Pumps according to customer specifications. The control units can be studied with operating pressure up to 4000 bar and be completely designed according to the specific needs of the customer and the sector in which it operates.

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